Extra Pack of Peanuts Travel Podcast

Two Year Bike Trip w/ Chris Haag

May 19, 2020

Joining me today is someone who fell in love with biking in the city of Detroit, who enjoys being (and peeing) outdoors, and who is on a two-year bike trip from Alaska to the southern tip of Argentina, Chris Haag from ThePlacesIPee.com

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In This Episode

  • 3:16 Being and Peeing Outdoors
  • 6:10 Riding a bike from Alaska to the southern tip of Argentina
  • 9:49 Budgeting for an Epic Biking Trip
  • 14:00 What To Do When Reality Sets In
  • 26:30 Getting Stuck in Sticky Situations
  • 30:55 Advice for Other Riders
  • 27:18 Most Difficult Places to Ride 
  • 35:03 Mental Toughness 
  • 39:10 Passing Time While Riding 50 Miles a Day 
  • 41:00 Favorite Places to Ride
  • 52:18 Facing the Unexpected
  • 1:08 Better Than You Imagined?