Extra Pack of Peanuts Travel Podcast

Travel Stats: 2019 In Review

January 8, 2020

In this episode, we cover the nerdy statistics of 2019. We'll figure out about how many miles we traveled, how many different places we slept in, and how many new countries we visited plus much, much more!

We'll be covering flights, drives, accommodations, and some experiences, but food and drink have their own episodes coming later this month.

So if you're into the numbers, or would like to compare your stats with ours have a listen! And then definitely reach out to @ExtraPackofPeanuts and let us know some of your stats like how many miles did you travel in 2019, the number of countries or states that you visited, and/or what's next for 2020!

In This Episode

  • 06:50 Slept In How Many Places & The Breakdown
  • 13:15 Housesitting
  • 16:45 Longest Time In One Place
  • 22:00 Flights
  • 25:00 Overland Miles
  • 31:15 Number of Countries
  • 31:55 Number of States
  • 33:00 Final Thoughts & What's Next

Check out the full show notes here!