Extra Pack of Peanuts Travel Podcast

Philly: Best Things To Do

October 15, 2019

This is the last episode of our updated Philly Destination Diary (cue sad music) but we are ending it with the best of all...Activites! Yep, we are giving you the must-see sites for adults, kids and everyone in between in this gorgeous city of ours. We hope you have enjoyed the new format for this destination diary and that we have inspired you to come visit the city of brotherly love real soon.

In This Episode

  • 03:50 West To East
  • 07:00 For The Kiddies
  • 11:40 Medical Oddities
  • 13:20 Time For A Visit To The Markets
  • 16:40 History In A Nutshell
  • 21:55 Wandering The Old City
  • 24:10 Concerts
  • 26:10 Sports

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