Extra Pack of Peanuts Travel Podcast

Unplugged with Johnny Welsh

May 14, 2020

Joining me today is someone who once had to decide between grad school and interning at a castle in Italy (you can guess which one he chose), who has written two books, and who has helped pioneer the low-tech movement, Johnny Welsh from Johnnywelsh.com


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In This Episode

  • 03:05 Internship in Italy or grad school?
  • 04:37 Support from your friends and family
  • 06:10 Coming back from Italy
  • 08:27 The idea of unplugging
  • 11:37 Falling into old habits
  • 20:45 Johnny writes his first book
  • 25:26 What it means to stay unplugged
  • 39:10 Getting bit by the travel bug
  • 45:56 Some of Johnny's favorite places
  • 51:21 Biggest travel mishap

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