Extra Pack of Peanuts Travel Podcast

16 Best Places to Live for 3 Years

July 9, 2020

You are really digging our "countdown" style podcasts lately so we are giving you another one but this time we are diving into the 16 best places to live for at least 3 years. We aren't talking about vacations or short-haul stays but living day to day life like a local, embracing the culture fully, & truly settling into the places we discuss in today's podcast.

This one is a little more high stakes because Trav has a love of buying real estate and so at any point one of these places could become a reality so I (Heather) had to think long and hard about the possible future commitment this episode could be making for me.

We each picked 7-8 places (hello, honorable mentions) where we could live for 3 years and you'll have to listen to see if we had any places make both lists. Can anyone say moving possibilities?!


Today's podcast is sponsored by Oregon State University ECampus.


What places made your list? Let us know by tagging us in a post on Instagram at @ExtraPackofPeanuts.


In This Episode

  • 05:00 The Ground Rules
  • 08:10 Honorable Mentions
  • 10:10 Let's Get Started
  • 41:10 Drumroll Please...Number One's